We Buy Coins

  • DO NOT CLEAN ANY COINS, this may destroy the value of any collector coins.

  • Just bring them into our store anytime during our regular hours, we can also meet you at your home or bank, or ship them to us registered mail with insurance.

  • We buy coins for collector value and we also buy them for the silver or gold value.

  • Bring in or send everything we will let you know if you have anything of value. By leaving things home we don't know if we are looking at the good stuff or the junk.

1) Any wheat cents 1958 or older
2) Indian head cents
3) Any other cents 1900 or older

1) Jefferson war nickels 1942-1945
(large mint mark above the dome on the back)
2) 1950-D Jefferson nickel
3) Bu rolls pre-1950
4) Buffalo nickels dateless or not
5) V-nickels or liberty nickels
6) Any nickel pre-1900

Any Gold Coins
1) Any misprints of any kind

1) Any dime 1964 or older

1) Any Quarter 1964 or older

1) Any Halves 1970 or older

1) Any dollars 1935 or older

Proofs and Mint sets

Also bring in any Paper Money or anything you have any questions on at all. We love to answer your questions, it's our job.

We are always looking for $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, national bank notes, confederate notes, or any large size notes.

Bullion silver 1oz., 10oz.,100oz., gold, any form of scrap, coins, etc.

We also look for any form of Sterling coins, Flatware, or Jewelry.

To help things go faster, just sort alike items together by putting them in plastic bags.

We also buy Jewelry that's useable or not. We love to buy large diamonds. Clean out your drawers and we will turn your items into cash!!!

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